Samsung Galaxy S 4G Software Tour (Video)

This video goes over all of the added customizations and software bundles that T-Mobile has added to the Galaxy S 4G. There are a lot of add-ons from T-Mobile and Samsung including T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling feature, account status, device help, visual voicemail, T-Mobile TV and a full copy of the movie “Inception”. The Inception icon on the home screen doesn’t take you directly to the Inception movie like the previous version’s “Avatar” icon did. Instead it takes you to the Media Hub where you have to sign up for an account. However, you can still see the Inception movie if you open the Video Player instead. A GoGo Inflight Wi-Fi icon is also included, but it just goes to a web page that says the offer is no longer available.

Still the Samsung Galaxy S 4G comes with a lot of other freeware that you have to set up accounts for. The Kindle app, Slacker, Amazon MP3 and Facebook are all included. You also get DoubleTwists AirSync which you can use for wireless media syncing over a Wi-Fi network. ThinkFree Office is there to handle your Office document opening needs, though that needs to be activated with the ThinkFree Office online service.

Another change from the previous Samsung Vibrant is the lock screen in the Galaxy S 4G. It’s not as easy to unlock anymore. You used to be able to just flick it in the Vibrant, but now you have to swipe it edge to edge either horizontally or vertically in order to unlock the screen. It’s pretty annoying at first and will take some getting used to.

Qik is also included for video chat and video sharing. You can record videos to the Qik video sharing service, email videos, and make video calls to other people who have the same Qik app installed. Unfortunately this is not using any kind of standard method of making video calls, so the people you want to call will have to have a compatible app.

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