Right from the start, Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 Zoom has been one big mystery. From the very first time we heard that name, we’ve been wondering if this is a new Galaxy Camera model, or if it’s more like a traditional smartphone, albeit one with a killer imaging system. As time went on, the name popped up again and again, and this guy started to seem much more like a phone than a camera – based on what we’ve heard about the hardware, it was coming off as a Galaxy S 4 Mini, but with a big optical zoom lens and 16-megapixel sensor. Today we get a new wrinkle in this story, with a leak now referring to the GS4 Zoom as the Galaxy Camera.

This one was dug up by @evleaks, and it ties Samsung model SM-C101 (which, alongside SM-C1010, we’ve consistently been talking about as the GS4 Zoom) to the name Galaxy Camera.

That’s interesting for a number of reasons. One, it suggests that this really is another case of Android in a camera body, rather than something more like the Nokia 808. Two, it could imply that Samsung hopes to avoid the device name alphabet soup that’s become of smartphones in general and just wants to have one Android camera model that will remain the Galaxy Camera, possibly updating the hardware on a yearly basis.

Or, maybe this is nothing – maybe it’s just an error in a database somewhere, where someone expressed the same confusion we’ve felt ourselves as to just what kind of hardware this is. In any case, with Samsung’s London event coming up on us, we’ll hopefully learn the truth in just a few weeks.

Source: @evleaks (Twitter)

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