Samsung Galaxy S 2 GT-i9200 Takes a Nice Photo

These are not the first photos we’ve seen taken by the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S 2, but they are certainly the nicest; these latest images are shot at four megapixels, whereas earlier ones were limited to VGA resolution (although we suspect an eight-megapixel sensor is inside the phone) . While most of the test shots are what you’d expect from pre-release hardware — blurry pics of someone’s keyboard or monitor — one uploader was kind enough to let the camera focus before snapping a few photos of a children’s storybook. We probably would have found these a few days earlier, but we’d been going on the assumption that the Galaxy S 2 will have the model number GT-i9100, thanks to a months-old tweet from Russian insider Eldar Murtazin. Well it turns out that the only i9100 in the Samsung family is a digital picture frame, so we’re almost positive that the SGS2 will go by the alias GT-i9200.

samsung galaxy s 2 test 2

Rumored, teased, and finally confirmed to launch at Mobile World Congress on February 13th, the Galaxy S 2 likely sports a dual-core processor, full HD 1080p video capture, and a SuperAMOLED Plus screen — that’s just an educated guess, though, and not based on any concrete evidence. Samsung already revealed four new members of the Galaxy family prior to their official MWC launch, but they are low- to mid-range models that are not expected to be sold in the US. The Galaxy S 2, on the other hand, will probably make it to every national and regional carrier based on the success of its predecessor.

samsung galaxy s 2 test 3

Source: Picasa

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