Samsung Galaxy Note II: S Pen Lesson (Video)

The S Pen has been with us since the original Galaxy Note, but the one Samsung is packaging with the new Galaxy Note II is an improved model. The new phablet also offers enhanced software features meant to take advantage of the most advanced stylus implementation ever to hit the smartphone market.

Michael Fisher, fresh from hands-on time with some awesome new AT&T devices in New York City, is due for a weekend off. Before then, though, join him for a backyard session with the Galaxy Note II he unboxed the other day. Take a tour of the new S Pen’s features and capabilities, and see how best to leverage its power on the Galaxy Note II. Your fingers will be itching to pick up your very own S Pen-powered device by the end of this tutorial.

So lay your eyes on it right down below, and stay tuned to Pocketnow for our continuing Galaxy Note II coverage over the next week!

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