Samsung Galaxy Note FE, aka refurb Note 7, tipped for July 7 launch with Bixby

Samsung is already skating on thin ice by carefully preparing a Galaxy Note 7 re-release in select Asian markets that could very easily backfire in a number of ways, but if it takes more time, the so-called Note FE might become a complete non-starter due to an impending Note 8.

While we’re hearing worrying whispers of delays and a new July 7 domestic ETA, it sounds like demand for refurbished Note 7 phones may well exceed the chaebol’s initial expectations. As such, around 450,000 units should be supplied to Korea’s three major mobile carriers for commercial distribution at $620 or so (700,000 won). That’s still a small fraction of the 2.5 million explosive Note 7s recalled and discontinued last year, but it’s better than nothing, helping cushion a financial blow that on the whole wasn’t as serious as we all thought.

The surprising part of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) rumor out of the OEM’s homeland is the inclusion of Bixby assistance. Previously, we were ready to bet the farm on there being only one difference between this and the original – battery size.

It’s unclear if the infamous side-mounted Bixby button of the GS8 would find a place on the slightly modified Note 7 chassis, though something tells us that’s not going to be the case. You can summon the AI by voice, at least in Korea, so why bother?

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