Korea will not get a second Galaxy Note FE batch, but some overseas markets could join the fun

Despite a somewhat subdued commercial launch of a surprisingly highly anticipated refurbished Galaxy Note 7 pompously renamed Note FE (Fan Edition), Samsung may have again hit it out of the park domestically.

The chaebol isn’t commenting on the rebooted Note 7’s box-office success yet, though Korea-based “industry watchers” have every reason to believe early sales are going well. So well that the reconditioned 2016 flagship phone probably boosted the nation’s overall mobile subscriber numbers this past weekend all by itself.

Still, it should take a little while for Samsung to burn through 400,000 units or so allocated in the company’s homeland, after which… nothing. “We have no plans to roll out more Note FE phones in Korea”, an unnamed official ominously told the press, refusing however to answer to speculation of an international expansion in any way.

That may well be indirect confirmation of such a move happening before long, or it could simply mean very little is decided at the moment. According to anonymous inside sources, Galaxy Note FE rollouts in unspecified “overseas markets” are at least being considered for “later this month.”

Just like on Korean shores, the “global” refurb Note 7 should pack a 3,200 mAh battery, run Android Nougat out the box, support (partial) Bixby functionality and cost significantly less than the original, fire-prone version. Perhaps unexpectedly, a Snapdragon 821 processor is reportedly headed under the rehabilitated hood, replacing the 820 inside the Note 7 for certain foreign territories.

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