Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Note 8

Galaxy Note 9 speculation is officially back to square one, as unnamed “industry sources” still believe Samsung’s “next big thing” could end up adopting in-display fingerprint recognition technology to stand out from recent limited Vivo releases and upcoming Huawei flagships.

You can call this the curse of the one-year rumor cycle, as the Note 9 was initially tipped to pull off what the S8, Note 8 and S9 couldn’t way back in August 2017. One by one, respected analysts changed their optimistic predictions over the past month or so, but now insiders tell Korean press there’s definitely enough time for the flawed tech to be improved and meet Samsung’s standards “in late August.”

That, of course, is the commercial ETA of the Galaxy Note 9, although research and development will need to wrap up soon, with mass production expected to kick off in just a few short months.

Hence, a “final decision” might be due “by this month”, with no less than “three or four solutions” currently in preparation and consideration at Samsung Display for possible fingerprint sensor integration into the next “Infinity” screen.

The goal is not necessarily to make the display truly worthy of that Infinity marketing label, with even thinner bezels than the Note 8 or GS9, but rather to settle the debate of the ideal fingerprint scanner placement once and for all. Also, an “invisible” under-display fingerprint reader could help Samsung squeeze a larger battery inside the Galaxy Note 9.

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