Early Samsung Galaxy Note 9 FCC approval supports early announcement speculation

While we already (think we) know a great deal about the no doubt fast-approaching Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has yet to officially schedule an Unpacked event for its next flagship launch.

Seeing as how the Note 8 was unveiled on August 23 last year, and the ill-fated Note 7 saw daylight very early in the same month of 2016, many expected the industry-leading chaebol to play it safe with a Note 9 announcement toward the end of this August.

But with only marginal design alterations purportedly in the pipeline, and weak Galaxy S9 sales widely reported, rumors started blowing up of an early August or even late July formal introduction.

While far from revealing in terms of specs and features, a recent FCC certification appears to support that theory. Submitted to the Federal Communications Commission on June 14, the mandatory regulation paperwork went public yesterday, June 25.

Obviously, the upcoming phone’s actual name is not mentioned anywhere in these documents, but the SM-N960F model number is confirmation enough we’re dealing with a so-called “international” Samsung Galaxy Note 9. That clearly follows in the footsteps of the SM-N950, aka Note 8, which in turn supplanted the explosive SM-N930, aka Note 7.

What’s important to note (no pun intended) is the first Galaxy Note 8 variant green-lighted by the FCC last year came to light close to the end of July. It’s unlikely Samsung’s urgency in getting the Note 9 federally approved is a coincidence, but alas, we can’t confirm the widely rumored August 9 date just yet.

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