Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pays Geekbench its first visit already with 6GB RAM and Android 8.1

Although it’s still many months away, Samsung’s next S Pen-wielding big thing has been making headlines since way back in August 2017. But apart from the traditionally early codename reveal, as development was preparing to start, all of the news reports and rumors so far have focused on one (arguably important) aspect of the Galaxy Note 9.

That changes today with the first benchmarking visit of the SM-N960U, which obviously follows in the footsteps of the SM-N950U, aka the US version of the Galaxy Note 8. This bad boy is already capable of racking up over 8,800 points in Geekbench’s multi-core processor performance tests, as well as close to 2,200 points for single-core muscle.

That’s largely in line with the synthetic power of a commercial Galaxy S9+ unit, which suggests the Galaxy Note 9 is pretty much ready for primetime. Still, an official announcement before August and a release by September seem unlikely, unless the GS9 duo proves a colossal box-office flop, which probably won’t be the case.

There are no big surprises in terms of Note 9 specifications confirmed today, as this pre-launch SM-N960U prototype already runs Android 8.1 Oreo on the software side, while packing Qualcomm’s fast and furious Snapdragon 845 processor and a decent 6GB RAM, of which only around 4.9 gigs are user accessible. You probably shouldn’t give up hope of seeing Samsung release the Galaxy Note 9 with 8 gigs of the good stuff too, at least in markets like China or Korea. Everything else remains up in the air.

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