Samsung Galaxy Note 9 development reportedly starting ‘soon’ under ‘crown’ codename

You don’t need to be a well-connected tipster or a seasoned industry analyst to know high-end smartphone development typically begins a year or so before said product is commercially released.

Whether we’re talking a next-gen iPhone or Galaxy S upgrade, manufacturing companies like to be prepared well ahead of time, lining up parts suppliers and often testing more than one design vision.

With the Note 8 already in the rearview mirror as far as Samsung’s engineers are concerned, and the Galaxy S9 presumably just about done looking for the best way to integrate fingerprint recognition technology, it should come as no surprise that Korean media expects Galaxy Note 9 development to be underway “soon.”

Components could be delivered for “pilot production” as early as the first quarter of 2018, and the world-leading chaebol has reportedly settled on a codename already.

From now on, look for online gossip, benchmarks and various mentions on obscure forums of a Samsung “Project Crown.” Who wants to bet the S10 or Note 10 will carry a “jewel” alias on the inside?

What’s interesting is “crown” certainly fits in a universe of “dream” (Galaxy S8) and “star” (GS9) pseudonyms, having no connection whatsoever with Baikal, which was the original handle of the Galaxy Note 8 for identity-masking purposes. Does this mean the Note 9 will resemble the S9 even more than the Note 8 looks similar to the S8? We have a long way to go until finding out for sure.

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