File this under too good to be true gossip, but perhaps don’t disregard it altogether. After all, stranger things have happened in the ever-shifting mobile industry than the world witnessing a commercial launch of a top-tier new product on the heels of its formal, glamorous announcement.

Of course, it’s usually Apple that manages to pull off the swiftest smartphone rollouts, and oftentimes, 24 hours is too much (or too little) to ask of the turnaround champions as well. Meanwhile, Samsung was widely reported as extra-cautious in the lead-up to the Note 8 debut following last year’s Note 7 fiasco, as rushing another flagship out the door didn’t seem like a good idea.

But enough skepticism and, well, common sense. A source purportedly verified by a Reddit moderator as an actual Best Buy employee claims the Galaxy Note 8 will be launching stateside not on September 15, 8 or 1, but August 24.

That’s next Thursday, believe it or not, and it’s also the day after Samsung’s Unpacked event in New York City. The original poster of the crazy early release date says the information was even “confirmed through both Verizon and Samsung channels”, which is obviously impossible to verify right now.

It’s also extremely hard to trust an anonymous leaker with an unproven track record, especially when relaying such unusual info and after hearing entirely different ETAs from legit publications and insiders. But again, anything is possible, and we are talking about a company here that’s constantly looking for ways to one-up the competition. Well, this could be the ultimate blow.

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