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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 also came in a huge box!

By Jaime Rivera September 6, 2017, 9:15 pm

Watch our unboxing video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8! Boy is it great to be woken up by a package that FedEx should’ve delivered since yesterday, but hey, what matters is that it’s finally here. Our Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review unit has just arrived, and it didn’t just come in a small box. This is actually closer to what consumers will be receiving when final units arrive, and that’s great!

One company that has spent the last year surprising us with the unboxing experience is definitely Samsung. At a time when you pay top dollar for pretty much any flagship, those of you who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 8 found a couple of sweet deals for your loyalty, something we consider fair given the hefty price tag.


Watch our full video to learn more.

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