Samsung ‘thinks’ it can sell 11 million+ Galaxy Note 8 units, Chinese Bixby is nearly completed

Up for pre-order pretty much worldwide, Samsung’s newest and brightest crown jewel will start shipping on September 15, which feels dangerously close to Apple’s as-yet undated iPhone 8 announcement and presumably swift commercial rollout.

But this is the number one smartphone vendor around the globe we’re talking about here, and despite (too) many obvious similarities between the fresh Galaxy Note 8 and “old” S8+, you can find plenty of reasons to buy the 6.3-inch “Infinity Display” flagship.

Granted, the battery is “conservative”, to say the least, but the chaebol’s mobile division skipper, Koh Dong-Jin, has highlighted on every occasion since the S Pen-wielding phablet came to light that the Snapdragon 835 processor is power-efficient enough to make up for the relatively small cell.

In his latest talk with Korean press, Koh also took a moment (another one) to “guarantee battery safety” for obvious reasons while promising the non-explosive ticker will “maintain more than 95 percent capacity even after two years of use.”

That should definitely encourage disgruntled Note 7 users to place their trust in a company that vows the mistakes of the past are decidedly behind it. It’s also one of the reasons why Samsung expects to sell more of these new bad boys than Note 5s. Specifically, over 11 million copies, which sounds like a very ambitious goal with the iPhone 8 around the corner.

Meanwhile, although no new promises are made, Bixby is inching closer and closer to an essential expansion into China. The digital assistant’s regional preparations are apparently “almost 90 percent” done, so it can’t be more than a couple of months now.

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