Samsung Turkey confirms very specific Oreo release dates for Galaxy Note 8, S7, S7 Edge and more

While it’s probably safe to keep your expectations low and skepticism high regarding any future Oreo updates for Samsung devices currently running Nougat, powerful phones like the Galaxy Note 8, S7 or S7 Edge have to follow the S8 and S8+ suit sooner or later.

If the Korean manufacturer’s Turkish division is to be trusted, the three aforementioned handsets, as well as three other Samsung phones and a tablet, will all be bumped up to OS version 8.0 over the next few months.

That’s clearly an ambitious schedule, considering how much time and work the GS8 duo has required to reach a stable Oreo release point. But at the very least, the promised March 30 Note 8 update feels completely doable. After all, internal testing has been ongoing for quite some time now.

Keep in mind that March 30 is when Samsung Turkey expects Android 8.0 to start rolling out to the Galaxy Note 8 in the region, which means other markets could receive the OTA goodie pack even earlier.

Next up, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are (tentatively) slated for April 13 Oreo delivery, while the mid-range Galaxy A7 (2017), A5 (2017) and A3 (2017) could make the jump together on or around May 25. Before that, the LTE-enabled Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 is scheduled for its own major OS promotion on May 4, but bizarrely enough, there’s no ETA listed as far the Galaxy A8 (2018) and A8+ (2018) are concerned.

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