Another Galaxy Note 8 puzzle piece falls into place: 64 and 128GB storage options

Internal storage space may not be the deciding factor in hunting for the perfect Android smartphone to fit one’s particular needs nowadays, at least when microSD support is also included, but it’s always nice to get choices, especially at around or over $1,000.

Oddly enough, while Evan Blass spilled the screen size, aspect ratio, processing power, RAM, battery capacity and dual camera beans of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8 last week, mum was the word about digital hoarding configurations.

It seems a company official just randomly let that cat out of the bag too in talks with Korean press, confirming both a largely predictable 64GB variant and nicely beefed-up 128 gig SKU.

Hopefully, the latter isn’t going to stay exclusive to certain Asian markets, like the top-end 6GB RAM/128GB ROM Galaxy S8+, and maybe, just maybe, that oft-rumored approximate $1,000 price tag will be attached to the superior Note 8 version.

Either way, you’ll definitely be able to expand storage room with up to 256GB microSD cards, and yes, that dubious August 26 announcement date (still a Saturday) gains a bit of extra credence.

It’s also possible one of the S Pen-wielding flagship’s two rear-facing camera sensors sports 13 megapixels instead of the previously speculated 12, though honestly, there’s not much difference.

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