Samsung celebrates one million Galaxy Note 8 sales in Korea alone

The Galaxy Note 8 may not be the number one smartphone in the world in the latest Consumer Reports ratings, with the Galaxy S8, S8+ and even the S7 still ahead in the overall ranking, but the S Pen-wielding “Infinity Display” flagship was the main reason Samsung enjoyed such impressive year-over-year Q3 global sales growth.

A smash hit across key territories around the world, from Korea to the US, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reportedly maintained momentum more than a month after its domestic launch.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that the regional one million milestone was achieved in just 48 days. Keep in mind that pre-orders almost hit 400,000 units in the first day alone in the chaebol’s native land, surpassing 800,000 by the time the reservation period was over.

Of course, pre-orders and actual shipments are often very different things, which is why Samsung couldn’t pass the million mark earlier as far as sales to end users are concerned.

Still, a million units in 48 days is a fantastic achievement, comparing very favorably to the Galaxy Note 5 a couple of years back, which needed 90 days to reach this level of domestic popularity.

Unfortunately, Samsung remains unwilling to share official numbers for other markets or the world as a whole, leaving us guessing exactly how successful the Galaxy Note 8 might be. It’s clearly a blockbuster, it’s probably less popular than the GS8/S8+ duo, but other than that, we know nothing.

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