‘Next level’ Samsung Galaxy Note8 goes official with dual rear camera, 6.3-inch Infinity Display

Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy Note8 is here at last, and it essentially holds no surprises for folks who followed the overpowering barrage of visual leaks and inside reports these past couple of months.

After its most painful QA gamble in history, which concluded with an unprecedented global recall of a crazy popular premium Android smartphone, the industry’s undisputed champion decided to largely play it safe this fall.

A safe battery, pretty much the same huge screen Galaxy S8+ buyers already embraced with open arms, an overall attractive but partly controversial design, and the Note family’s signature S Pen companion.

It was probably unrealistic to expect drastic change from the Note8 compared to the S8 duo, since the latter completely modernized the look of the S7 series way before the iPhone 8 could do the same.

Besides, just a quick look at the Galaxy Note8’s spec sheet is enough to convince you Sammy pulled out all the available stops here. Standard 6GB RAM – check. The world’s current best processors – double check. Dual rear-facing cameras – finally! And speaking of the trend-following main shooter, it’s nice to see both the wide-angle and telephoto lenses equipped with optical image stabilization.

Meanwhile, we have to detail a bit exactly how Samsung is dividing the public in regards to that rear cover. Specifically, the top section. Even more specifically, the location of the fingerprint reader, which isn’t even a love-hate situation. It’s either hate or tolerate that little atrocity.

As for the “enhanced” S Pen, its claim to fame is somewhat vague, purportedly offering improved pressure sensitivity and a finer tip, but whether or not you’ll be able to see and enjoy these upgrades in real life, the stylus remains a very important selling point. Speaking of sales, mid-September is the ETA, as expected, with US pre-orders underway tomorrow, August 24, and four colors confirmed: Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Maple Gold and Deepsea Blue.

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