In case you missed them, here are the main Galaxy Note 8 official accessories

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock on another planet somewhere to escape the Galaxy Note 8 media frenzy of the last couple of days, you probably know everything about the beautiful, powerful and costly new “Infinity Display” smartphone from Samsung.

But maybe you overlooked a smaller piece of the puzzle that can sometimes prove invaluable in the long haul. Generally unexciting and largely familiar to owners of previous Galaxy flagships, the official Note 8 accessories will help you keep the surprisingly compact 6.3-incher all neat, snuggly and even respectably stylish over the years, in sickness and in health.

Just slip a Samsung-made protective cover in, and don’t worry about scratches, drops or hard impacts… too much. Don’t worry at all if you go for an extra-rugged Protective Standing Cover and worry less with one of the others.

The Protective Standing Cover is exclusive to the Note 8, as far as we can tell, with no similar option available for the Galaxy S8, basically turning the phablet into an S8 Active twin, kickstand also included.

The S View, LED Wallet and Protective Cover are a little more traditional and style-focused, with various productivity-enhancing features, while the Alcantara Cover is simply beautiful. Scratch-proof, stain-resistant and easy to clean with soap and water, it integrates the “luxurious texture of soft, suede-like Alcantara” inside and out.

Don’t forget about the wireless charger convertible that’s offered at no additional cost to early Galaxy Note 8 adopters, as well as slim 5100mAh battery packs that are likely to be priced way higher than most third-party power banks. But that’s always the case when buying genuine OEM accessories.

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