Samsung Galaxy Note 8 sales could begin on September 15 in Korea

We know how it looks, down to every side, corner and angle of two launch colors, with matching S Pen accessories. The “final” specifications are also out of the bag, apparently, and the approximate European price tag has been revealed almost two months ago, giving us a pretty good idea of the corresponding US retail costs as well.

Last but not least, Samsung was kind enough a couple of weeks back to officially schedule the Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked event for August 23 in glamorous New York City. Puzzle already solved? Not so fast, as rumors on actual commercial release timelines have been few and far between, not to mention vague.

Enter unnamed “representatives” for two separate “mobile network providers” in Korea, who’ve just told local press the sales kick-off date is settled and unlikely to change. Drumroll, please, it’s… September 15.

Why does it sound like you may already have something planned for that day? Because credible sources are expecting the LG V30 to land in domestic stores on September 15 too, despite breaking cover more than a week after the Galaxy Note 8.

Then again, the 6-inch single OLED screen-sporting V30 is only tipped to expand internationally on September 28. Something tells us Samsung won’t wait that long, seeing as how the Galaxy S8 and S8+ were released simultaneously in Korea, the US and Canada back on April 21.

As far as pre-orders go, we don’t have specific dates to share just yet, but Korean carriers could begin taking pledges for the Note 8 as early as September 1.

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