It’s going to cost you, but at least the Galaxy Note 8 will come with a free case and 256GB storage

It’s no big secret that Samsung will unveil the high-stakes sequel to last year’s colossally ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 exactly two weeks from tomorrow. Unfortunately for the mobile industry-leading chaebol, many other Galaxy Note 8 details, features and specifications are already an open book.

But if you’re really interested in every little nugget of information, no matter how small or seemingly trivial, it might still be a good idea to keep an ear to the ground for last-minute leaks, rumors and inside reports. That is, if you hate surprises.

Case in point, the latest minor prediction made by Korean media regarding the fast-approaching local launch of the Note 8 calls for an “original” case being bundled as standard with the next-gen “Infinity Display” powerhouse.

Before you get too excited, you’re unlikely to be looking at a fancy complimentary S-View flip cover here. Instead, you’ll merely receive a case “made with transparent plastic material that covers the back and the sides of Galaxy Note 8” with every “next big thing” purchase… in Korea.

The gift should be worth between the equivalent of $17 and $27, which isn’t a whole lot, but it’s better than nothing. Then again, we sure hope a more substantial freebie is also in store, both in Samsung’s homeland and internationally, considering the rumored Note 8 starting price of €999 in Europe, and the inclusion of premium AKG-tuned earbuds with Galaxy S8s.

If you don’t have a problem spending more than a small fortune on a phone with all the internal storage in the world, we’re happy to report a 256GB configuration is in the pipeline as well.

Previously, it was only believed the Galaxy Note 8 would be able to accommodate 64 and 128 gigs of data internally, but now there’s reason to expect a third variant, at least in Korea. All three SKUs should pack 6GB RAM, and we don’t even want to guess the MSRP of the top-tier model. So, yeah, a protective case is literally the least Samsung can throw in.

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