No guarantees yet, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could sport dual cams and a 6.3-inch screen

There’s probably no such thing as a 100 percent reliable Weibo tipster, and with the ultra-high-end Galaxy S8 duo “globally” rolled out just last month, as well as a delicate Note 7 re-release around the corner, you should be extra-cautious and skeptical about Note 8 rumors anyway.

Still, we’d be remiss not to bring to your attention the latest word on the Chinese social media street regarding Samsung’s do-or-die H2 2017 flagship Android phone. Like the ill-fated Note 7, which took after the S7 Edge, the Galaxy Note 8 might only be ever so slightly larger than the S8+.

We’re really talking the slightest possible increase in screen diagonal, from 6.2 to 6.3 inches, with no word however on other important details like resolution, bezels and especially aspect ratio. Instead, we get further “confirmation” of a long overdue move to dual rear-facing cameras, though once again, the nitty-gritty is left out.

Basically, these are nothing but educated, vague guesses of features we can probably all bank on. Next, we’ll hear about the S Pen use, iris recognition, fingerprint support and Samsung Pay capabilities of the Galaxy Note 8. Irony aside, the chaebol’s “next big thing” is a big question mark at the moment, and that’s refreshingly intriguing.

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