With our in-depth review of the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 8 still requiring a little quality time spent exploring the phablet’s many compelling features, we’re excited to report for now that the unboxing experience is something special, the 6.3-inch Infinity Display apparently unrivaled, and durability not a problem under typical usage conditions.

Try as you might, almost every square millimeter of this bad boy’s premium build will resist scratches and scuffs from standard objects found in one’s trouser pocket, including keys and coins.

Even razor blades will have a hard time harming the robust yet stylish phone, which is made of two solid slabs of glass sandwiching a metal frame between them. The fingerprint scanner on the back is probably the most fragile component in sight, though it’s still going to work without a hitch if you manage to badly graze it.

Just like the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the Note 8 rocks Gorilla Glass 5 protection front and back, which unfortunately means you’ll probably need to be extra-careful not to drop this bad boy on any sort of hard surface.

For what it’s worth, playing with fire is only going to damage that beautiful screen after a full 10 seconds, and bending the Galaxy Note 8 through sheer force of will seems physically impossible unless your last name is Clegane. All in all, JerryRigEverything gives the hot new device a big thumbs up for apparent durability.

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