Samsung Galaxy Note 8 dummy pics and Chinese pricing leaked at the eleventh hour

What can a Galaxy Note 8 dummy unit possibly reveal about Samsung’s “next big thing” that we don’t already know based on countless press-friendly renderings, detailed inside stories and even one legit-looking real-life photoshoot?

To be perfectly honest, nothing substantial or entirely new. Just the same “old” massive Infinity Display, complete with sharp corners to discreetly stand out from the Galaxy S8, and a very busy top third section of the premium back cover, including the obligatory company logo, a trend-following dual camera setup and another controversially positioned fingerprint scanner.

Of course, everything looks cheap and shoddy in this simulation of the S Pen-wielding monster’s appearance, but you can get a better idea than ever today of the sheer size and towering presence of the impending Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Speaking of the fast-approaching launch, we have some fresh, comprehensive info on retail pricing, and it’s… pretty much as bad as previously anticipated. According to local media, Chinese consumers will need to pay at least $940 and a maximum of $1,200 (!!!) for one of three variants reportedly in the pipeline.

That’s 6,288 and 7,988 yuan respectively for 64 and 256GB SKUs, while the “mid-level” 128 gig model is tipped to cost the rough equivalent of $1,060 (CNY 7,088), with 6GB RAM also featured across the board.

You may not want to hear this, but if true, the extravagant pricing structure could convert into a prohibitive $1,000/$1,100/$1,200 arrangement stateside. That is, if all three storage configurations are headed to the US as well.

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