Dual camera on Galaxy Note 8 deemed ‘inevitable’ by analysts, likely featuring 3X optical zoom

Excessive media coverage of rampant speculation about unreleased mobile devices everyone expects to change the game isn’t always good for existing products, but Samsung can probably afford to let a few Galaxy Note 8 features spill at the moment.

After all, we still can only assume the sequel to last year’s ill-fated Note 7 will be ever so slightly larger than the hot-selling Galaxy S8+, with 4K screen resolution perhaps in tow, and a dual rear-facing camera arrangement a near guarantee.

It’s about time Samsung doubled down on its impressive main shooter too, reportedly canceling such a move on the S8 at the last minute, either due to a “cost issue” or simply because the under-glass fingerprint scanner didn’t pan out.

For the Galaxy Note 8, analysts and “industry watchers” quoted by Korean media today claim the upgrade is “inevitable”, seeing as how the advanced photography setup is gaining traction worldwide.

One of the chaebol’s own subsidiaries, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, apparently “made a turnaround” in the year’s first quarter financial records by supplying dual-cam modules for Chinese smartphone vendors like OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi.

The same multinational electronic component company will obviously handle the production of imaging solutions for the Note 8, predicted to sport a 12MP wide-angle and 13-megapixel telephoto lens, capable of delivering 3X optical zoom functionality, up from 2X on the iPhone 7 Plus, which relies on rear cameras manufactured by Samsung arch-rival LG. It’s all far from etched in stone, of course, but we’re clearly intrigued.

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