Samsung outdoes itself with the Galaxy Note 8 display, judged best in the world by DisplayMate

At first glance, Samsung’s hot new Galaxy Note 8 is extremely similar to the “old” Galaxy S8. Not to mention the GS8+, with the two almost sharing the same screen size in addition to the resolution, aspect ratio and Super AMOLED technology.

But you didn’t really think the world’s number one smartphone vendor simply repurposed its “Infinity Displays” without making some in-depth changes, now, did you? That’s not how Samsung rolls, even when comfortably leading the industry in terms of everything from color accuracy to brightness to viewing angle performance and power efficiency.

DisplayMate Technologies can’t grade the Galaxy Note 8 any higher than the A+ awarded to the GS8 back in the spring, but there’s little doubt about the top dog status of the impressive new 6.3-incher.

This bad boy is a remarkable 22 percent brighter than a Galaxy S8 that already achieved a stunning 1,000+ nits of peak brightness, pushing the figure beyond 1,200 nits, which is of course a new record for smartphones around the world these days.

That means the readability of the S Pen-wielding phablet in challenging indoor and outdoor conditions is literally unrivaled, while the extra-large native color gamut of the Note 8 is about as eye-catching as shades and hues produced by big-screen 4K UHD TVs.

Believe it or not, those two substantial upgrades barely scratch the surface of all of the Note 8’s display performance improvements, big and small, with color accuracy, viewing angles, auto brightness control, contrast, power saving and even Gorilla Glass 5 protection enhanced across the board. In a nutshell, if you want the prettiest images and sharpest mobile HDR content available, look no further than this absolute OLED powerhouse.

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