Samsung tries to build up some excitement of its own over Galaxy Note 8 announcement (Video)

Like any big cinematic event, Samsung’s second 2017 Unpacked announcement needs a fittingly splashy marketing campaign. So far, the world’s most popular smartphone vendor hasn’t had to do much to hype up the impending Galaxy Note 8, of course, with a steady stream of increasingly detailed leaks keeping mobile consumers constantly on their toes.

But now that we know virtually everything about the chaebol’s “next big thing”, the actual August 23 introduction event no longer feels momentous and exciting. It’s almost unnecessary at this point, unless Samsung can pull off the unthinkable and commercially release the S Pen-wielding beast the very next day.

Speaking of the no doubt improved stylus accessory accompanying the Note 8 to market, it should come as no surprise that’s the focal point of a new promo video uploaded to the company’s official Mobile YouTube channel and also posted on its Mobile Press website.

The 37-second clip unfortunately doesn’t provide a single glimpse of the real-world device coming soon to New York, culminating in another dark outline of the “Infinity Display” design.

In typical Hollywood teaser fashion, a series of words loosely associated with the hero phone are waved around to build up excitement, with an S Pen used to strike through humble terms Samsung wants replaced. The Galaxy Note 8 is a leap forward, not just a step in the right direction, it innovates rather than updating, leading instead of following, and making the impossible possible. All with a “bigger” usable screen area, “bigger tools to capture precious moments, and bigger innovations to help bring your ideas to life.”

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