The world’s top smartphone manufacturer by sales volume is making a lot of headlines today. Yes, even more than usual. Not all the attention is directed at the hot new Galaxy S9 and S9+, however, and the two “reimagined” flagships are not only generating positive publicity.

There’s (good) news to report about Samsung’s two 2017 hero devices, as the Galaxy S8 lineup is finally spreading the Oreo love, while the Note 8’s own official Android 8.0 rollout appears to be getting started.

We’re still a couple of weeks away from self-imposed deadlines in Canada and Turkey, so we wouldn’t be surprised if France remains the lone country invited to the Android Oreo party for a little while longer.

Technically, you’re not looking at a soak test or beta release here, but after “unexpected reboots” that led to a temporary halt of the S8’s European update, Samsung may want to take extra precautions before widely overhauling the Galaxy Note 8 software.

Those with an unlocked S Pen-wielding 6.3-incher in their possession in France should manually check if the major OS makeover is available after freeing up some storage space and fully charging their battery.

You’ll need a little patience for the system update to download and install, including a huge number of Google-specific Android 8.0 and proprietary Samsung Experience 9.0 improvements. We’re talking everything from background limits, Autofill and Picture-in-Picture to Bixby enhancements, Dual Messenger, productivity, performance and security upgrades.

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