Samsung’s gotta do something about those Galaxy Note 7 units that weren’t licked by the flames of exploding batteries if it wants to make up any bit for the losses it took during the total recall process. We’ve been tracking plans for a refurbished model with updated software and a smaller battery to head to market in some developing markets, but we weren’t expecting that Samsung’s home market of South Korea would get a share of the action.

Alas, the Electronic Times is reporting that three local carriers will be carrying what has been officially dubbed the Galaxy Note 7R. We infer from a Google Translate read-out of the article that a stock pool of 300,000 units will be spread among retailers. Battery capacities will shrink from the original model’s 3,500mAh to between 3,000mAh and 3,200mAh.

Prices are still being negotiated, but current ballpark estimates range around ₩700,000 or $620 — about 30 percent less than what the Note 7 originally retailed for.

The market will likely see the phone debut in June for the relatively quiet summer months, prior to when the Galaxy Note 8 is to debut late that season. Demand is expected to keep Samsung’s revenue streams particularly healthy for that period — a non-scientific survey conducted by tech retailer 3KH showed that 96 percent of respondents would buy a refurbished Note 7.

We think that people just really miss the S Pen, but who really knows at this point?

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