Samsung’s next flagship is due to drop this summer. Last year’s Note was arguably one of the best smartphones we’ve seen yet, this year’s flagships included. Samsung hit a lot of the right notes with the Note 5. Looking forward, how do you improve on that? It’s not an easy question to answer, but sure enough, our editors have some thoughts on the subject. So without further ado, here’s our wish list for the Samsung Note 6, 7, whatever.



Adam Doud

Senior Editor

“No steps back”

When the quality bar is already set so high with the Samsung Note 5, this isn’t a question of what can Samsung do better, so much as what should Samsung make sure it doesn’t screw up. Because change isn’t always for the better. So largely, Samsung should stick with what works – keep the camera, the battery, the software. Redesign the S-Pen so that it’s screw-up proof and honestly change little else.

Also, no edge variant. The S7 Edge is basically the S6 Edge Plus anyway, so unless you plan to make it even bigger (don’t) there’s no point. Keep the focus on the business-class phone.

One thing I would love to see, though it probably won’t happen, is for the Note to be Tango-enabled. The screen will be large enough, plus that is one thing that could really differentiate the Note from the S7, and it would simultaneously drive Tango and AR into the mind share of the world. That would be epic- probably won’t happen, but epic all the same.



tony-nAnton D. Nagy


“Just bring it already!”

This is really going to be a tough one: for me, the Note5 offered everything one can wish for in an Android smartphone. Hence, it is difficult for me to wish for improvements for the next iteration.

Honestly, the curved screen on the S7 edge looks great, but I find no use for it: feel free to scratch that — pun intended — from my wish list. Knowing Samsung, the Note 7 will have top-tier internals (RAM, CPU, etc.) so there’s obviously nothing to wish for there. However, I’d really like if Samsung brought over waterproofing from its S-line-up to the Note. I wouldn’t, however, like Samsung to bring its S7 camera tech to the Note, as I personally believe that the cameras on previous models (S6 and Note 5) performed better. Again, personally.

A new design is something we’ve been hearing, though the design of the Note5 was arguably the best in the line-up. Probably higher-quality speakers is what could also make my wish list, but, that aside, just bring it already!


Juan Carlos Bagnell

Senior Editor

“Call me an A/V snob…”

Call me the A/V Snob, but I’ll always come back to camera and audio. The Note used to represent the bleeding edge capabilities Samsung had available, but the Note 5 largely just played catch up to the Galaxy S6 camera. We saw rumors of Samsung working on a larger sensor, something closer to the size of the Lumia 1020, and it would be a bold move to see that tech delivered in a Note. Highly unlikely, but a boy can dream.

I’d also hope to see (hear) improvements to audio playback. The Galaxy S7 is one of the weakest flagship options available for headphone aficionados. When the S7 is grossly outperformed by the OnePlus 3 for music, it certainly stands as an area Samsung should spruce up. Again, the Note should be an uncompromising platform of dominating smartphone technologies, you can’t skimp on the tunes…


Ryan_St_Andrie_profile_picRyan St. Andrie

Contributing Editor

“Samsung is on a roll”

Samsung has undeniably been on a roll ever since the introduction of the S6. As of that moment they wowed the world with a gorgeous design the likes of which had never been seen before from Samsung and put it atop the food chain for sex appeal. With that said, it didn’t come without compromise. Less than ideal battery life while simultaneously alienating their former diehards with lack a of removable storage/battery held it back from being as perfect as it could have been. This Note 5 helped ease the battery woes and packed some nifty new features but still left many upset over the same lack of removable storage/battery.

Samsung shot back earlier this year with the S7 and anyone would be hard pressed to claim it to be anything less than what everyone wanted. They even threw in IP68 water resistance rating for good measure! So what do I want from the Note 6? Just make the S7 bigger and give it an S Pen. That’s it.


“The Note would be perfect if…”

So, that’s what we’re thinking. Samsung is already at the top of the pile not only in sales (definitive), but in design and features (highly subjective) as well. As Ryan said, it’s on a roll, and pretty close to unstoppable. That being said, no phone is perfect, so what do you want to see on Samsung’s next business flagship? Sound off below and let’s add a few more check boxes to the to do list, shall we?

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