Nostalgic for the good old times of replaceable battery-sporting Samsung flagship phones like the Galaxy S5, or the super-easy-to-repair GS4? While the spanking new, sizzling hot, difficult-to-crack-but-not-so-hard-to-scratch Galaxy Note 7 circles back to the days of waterproof premium designs, it’s far from an amateur handyman’s wet dream.

Granted, some of the internal components put under iFixit’s microscope and subject to another ruthless teardown treatment can be described as “modular”, with an average user probably capable of removing and swapping them independently.

But overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 only scores a four on a 10-point repairability scale, with double the crackability of a few of the company’s past DYI-friendly devices caused by front and back glass integration, strong adhesive making the rear cover’s ejection a pretty big hassle, and the curved screen shape leading to its likely destruction when attempting home restorations or front glass replacement.

Don’t act shocked, though, as a similar list of weaknesses accompanied S7 and S7 Edge’s teardown examinations last spring, with the latter very closely resembling the Note 7 both on the inside and out. In fact, iFixit now confirms Samsung hasn’t changed much about its previous dual-edged “hero” under the hood, the vast majority of the new S Pen phablet’s many chips, modules and sensors feeling awfully familiar.

Source: iFixit

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