Galaxy Note 7 supply constraints reiterated, but no long-term shortage anticipated

Large demand for a just-launched smartphone is by no means bad news as far as the manufacturing company is concerned, though component shortages and low production yields extending over a lengthy period of time can turn a prospective box-office hit into a very real flop.

Samsung experienced such a shifty scenario back when it wasn’t able to rapidly ramp up S6 Edge shipments on account of curved display deficiencies, but even with the iPhone 7 and LG V20 right around the corner, it doesn’t sound like the extremely desirable Galaxy Note 7 will provide a repeat of that unfortunate situation.

Once again, the Korean tech giant’s officials have talked to the press the other day about pre-order results “far exceeding” internal estimates, and ensuing adjustments of release dates in “some markets.”

But assurances are given that global demand will be met “as early as possible”, and analysts believe this is simply a case of “the party” getting “more visitors than Samsung expected”, “more food” therefore needing to be put out.

Of course, the “food” has to first be procured, which shouldn’t take very long, as there’s no sign of a lasting problem with the production of dual-edged screens or any other Galaxy Note 7 parts. All in all, independent sales projections for the end of 2016 alone have been lifted from 12 to 15 million units, compared to only 9 mil for the Note 5 a year back.

Source: Reuters

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