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Samsung reportedly decides on Note FE (Fan Edition) name for refurb Galaxy Note 7

By Adrian Diaconescu May 18, 2017, 3:59 am

After carefully weighing the risks and benefits of a decidedly divisive Galaxy Note 7 re-release, Samsung chose to capitalize on leftover inventory of the hazardous S Pen phablet to both appease environmentalists worried with the destruction of more than four million mobile devices and, well, try to make an easy buck.

But there’s nothing easy about such a dicey reboot, with all eyes on the markets targeted by the Note 7R, aka SM-N935, its officially suggested retail price, launch timing, advertising efforts and even its revised name.

No, it doesn’t sound like the born-again phone will be christened Note 7R after all, although that moniker appeared to make perfect sense. Instead, Korean media reports Samsung has “decided” on Note FE. Not Note 7 FE, just Galaxy Note FE.


Pretty bold choice, especially if you consider what the letters supposedly stand for. This is the Note Fandom Edition, believe it or not, or simply the Galaxy Note Fan Edition. The thing is, if the chaebol doesn’t spell out the acronym in promotion materials, it could well backfire, since internet trolls, haters and good old fashioned jokesters may interpret it as signifying the Note Fire Edition. Or even the Note Fail Edition.

The possibilities are endless, really, but hey, if it’s safe to use, affordable enough (no more than $500), and identical to the original Note 7 with the exception of a slightly smaller battery, it’s probably going to sell like hotcakes starting any day now regardless of online mocking.


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