Samsung probably didn’t lose as much money as certain analysts initially predicted as a direct consequence of the Galaxy Note 7 double recall and premature discontinuation, somehow managing to post a handsome Q4 profit after a far from stellar previous quarter, but the chaebol’s financial anguish may not be over yet.

There might still be a couple of million or so faulty Note 7 units just sitting around in storage facilities somewhere, awaiting their death sentence to be carried out. Unless Samsung decides to try again, giving the ill-fated phablet a new purpose in refurbished condition, smaller battery in tow and everything.

That would not only cancel the presumably high costs of destroying and discarding said hazardous phones, but also help offset part of the losses incurred by manufacturing and distributing the Galaxy Note 7 in the first place, then quickly taking it off the market.

In the long run however, such a move could end up badly damaging the Korean tech giant’s already sullied reputation, especially if God forbid something were to happen to a single reconditioned Galaxy Note 7.

All in all, the obvious risks appear to far outweigh the potential benefits, so it should come as no surprise that Samsung has swiftly silenced unsubstantiated gossip… once again. This is just one of those pesky rumors that refuses to go away, routinely coming back stronger than before, despite official statements leaving little room for interpretation.

Today, “the report on Samsung planning to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in India” is adamantly deemed “incorrect.” But what about other emerging markets, like Vietnam? And the speculation goes on.

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