Samsung will globally live stream Galaxy Note 7 explanation event on January 23 (22 in US)

We’re all used to seeing hot new Samsung phones “unpacked” at grandiose press events live streamed online, and occasionally, the world’s most popular mobile device vendor will make some noise about the actual commercial launches of high-profile Galaxy products, major software rollouts, or even smartwatch announcements.

But it’s highly unusual for Samsung to hold a globally live-streamed press conference to basically emphasize exactly what went wrong in the R&D and QA stages of a phone’s release preparation. Then again, there’s nothing typical about the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, a device that showed so much promise back in the day, only to go the way of the dodo in the most catastrophic manner one could imagine.

People still need closure, in addition to assurances random explosions won’t plague the Galaxy S8 as well, and that’s precisely what we’ll be getting on Monday. Technically, Sunday evening on the US East Coast, at 8 PM, or 5 PM in Los Angeles, which is the equivalent of 10 AM in the company’s homeland of South Korea.

Both the exact “cause of the Galaxy Note 7 incidents” and a “quality enhancement plan” will be announced “following several months of comprehensive investigations” on January 23 (or 22), with battery suppliers and a far too aggressive internal design widely speculated as the main culprits.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to understand how Samsung intends to eradicate the possibility of anything like this going down again in the near or distant future by tuning in to for the ultimate apology and explanation event.

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