How do you make up for totally bungling the launch of a flagship phone awaited by many for a full 12 months, as well as effectively endangering millions of people’s lives, homes, personal and public property?

Issuing full refunds for potentially explosive Galaxy Note 7 units sold worldwide, no questions asked, was literally the least Samsung could do, alternatively offering to ship patient buyers replacement devices, hopefully with harmless batteries inside.

That latter exchange will of course take a little while, which is why several US carriers can instantly hook you up with a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, plus bonus cash money. Or, if you live in India, and happened to pre-book the GNote 7 between August 22 and 30, you’re now eligible for a free bundled New Gear VR, model number SM-R323.

The refined, USB Type-C-supporting second-gen virtual reality headset was already available at a sweet discount for early India-based Samsung Galaxy Note 7 adopters. Namely, you could previously pay just Rs. $1,990 ($30), in addition to the phablet’s rather extravagant retail costs.

The 2,000 rupees are themselves shaved off, with an extra Rs. 3,300 ($50) provided in Oculus Store credit free of charge simply for giving Samsung another few weeks to get all its ducks in a row. Ironically, not a single Note 7 caught fire in India, since the phone was never actually released around those parts.

Source: Samsung India

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