Despite an estimated $1 billion initial recall cost, $26 billion of market value lost just like that as of last week, and numerous PR blunders bound to translate into even more “heartbreaking” damages, especially as far as public perception goes, Samsung could ultimately survive the Galaxy Note 7 explosion fiasco.

The Korean tech giant is starting to prove it has what it takes to overcome possibly the most difficult moment in its recent history, kicking off exchanges all around the world, somehow even rebooting sales here and there, and finally ensuring original Note 7 owners are well aware of their devices posing a serious fire hazard.

Meanwhile, Samsung also thought it wise to set the record straight in terms of fraudulent incident claims. As it turns out, the phone that blew up in China due to “external heating” isn’t alone on the hoax boat, with a total of 12 such reports concluding in no battery fault found, an additional seven cases where the alleged “victim” couldn’t be reached to begin a proper investigation, and seven more instances of withdrawn accusations or sketchy claims of accidental Galaxy Note 7 dumping.

It’s unclear if the overall 26 tally includes the Jeep fire that still may or may not have been caused by a defective phone, or the highly publicized case of mistaken Core Prime identity. Either way, it’s important to remember to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, regardless of what circumstantial evidence might be pointing at.

Source: ZDNet

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