Will the madness and uncertainty ever end? Can Samsung still regain the trust of millions of endangered customers, as well as a few who were actually physically injured by faulty Galaxy Note 7 units sold in markets as diverse as the US, Korea and Australia?

Not if recent fire reports in China turn out to be authentic. For the time being, we’d like to keep our skeptical hats on, since Samsung specifically green-lighted sales of the dual-curved S Pen phablet on those uber-competitive shores, ensuring buyers they’ll be getting devices with batteries inside supplied by a different company.

Granted, a regional batch of a little over 1,800 copies was ultimately recalled, but we’re talking phones sold before September 1 directly through the OEM’s e-store, unlike the one purchased from JD.com this month that allegedly “started to heat up and vibrate late Saturday night, then exploded and emitted black smoke.”

Samsung is now apparently “conducting an internal review” to discover what happened, though the investigation might be made difficult by the owner’s bizarre refusal to exchange the gadget for a full refund.

Meanwhile, a second reported incident of similar nature in the world’s largest smartphone market is shrouded in even more mystery at the moment, with absolutely no details offered as to the proprietor’s identity or the purported mishap’s circumstances. All we know is someone claims a separate Note 7 sold in China “exploded Sunday” during a routine gaming session. Something smells fishy here, don’t you think?

Sources: Reuters, Boston Globe

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