Durability tests reveal a number of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vulnerabilities (Video)

The world’s flat-out best smartphone these days, at least until the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus finally break cover? It certainly looks that way, based on one of our longest reviews on file in both text and video, which simply and appropriately concluded the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is back to being on a league of its own.

Still, we’ve seen too much and have been following this industry for too long to expect absolute perfection from a gadget. There’s no such thing, and a rigorous, reliable and objective durability video report brings forth a major Galaxy Note 7 weakness.

Ironically, it’s something that should’ve set the dual-edged phablet apart from the competition in a good way, as we’re dealing with the first Gorilla Glass 5-protected handheld in circulation. While “meant to survive epic smartphone drops”, Corning’s new toughened glass applied on top of the Quad HD 5.7-inch AMOLED display seems surprisingly prone to scratches.

You may not even have to try very hard to permanently leave your mark on the otherwise robust powerhouse, though a standard tempered glass screen protector will easily fix your durability problem. Just know you badly need one. You also want to be careful around the frail fingerprint reader built into a plastic-made home button, but at least the Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t appear to bend under any circumstances. Bottom line, this is still a great albeit far from perfect device.

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