The very fact that we’re still talking about the Galaxy Note 7 almost six long months after production was permanently ceased and a second global recall initiated confirms yet again Samsung didn’t exactly handle this unprecedented crisis flawlessly.

Yes, the chaebol rebounded from a financial perspective surprisingly quickly, with its reputation not as badly harmed as you may have initially anticipated. And yes, there’s reason to believe the Galaxy S8 will be completely safe to use, as well as a total bestseller.

The world’s number one smartphone vendor also deserves praise for giving its fans closure by candidly and comprehensively dissecting the oh-so-promising 5.7-incher’s cause of death. But what’s up with revival rumors in refurbished condition, which Samsung is yet to adamantly deny?

More importantly, how come there are still hazardous Galaxy Note 7 units in circulation? All of them should have been rendered unusable over-the-air and retrieved a long time ago, yet it’s only now that Samsung gears up to expand software updates disabling charging altogether.

Reportedly, 3 percent of faulty phones sold in Korea remain out in the wild, which may not seem like a lot, but it’s 3 percent more than the acceptable number these days. Previously, similar stop-charge updates were rolled out stateside and in many other countries, while some merely received software tweaks limiting the maximum power or cutting off network services.

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