Apparently, Samsung conducted pre-release Galaxy Note 7 battery testing in-house

History has a bad habit of repeating itself, so before we cut Samsung some slack and forget all about the double Galaxy Note 7 recall fiasco, focusing instead on the next big thing and previous big thing, it’s important we learn exactly what went wrong in the phablet’s production, quality control and commercial approval processes.

The device manufacturer’s top investigators are on the case, as is the US CPSC, not to mention the Korean government, and most likely, other public and private administrations are at least keeping a close watch on the findings of these rigorous probes.

For the time being, there’s reason to suspect corners were cut in the lead up to the phone’s release, and another odd thing about the Galaxy Note 7 certification is that apparently battery testing was conducted in-house.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is the world’s only major mobile gadget maker to use its own facilities for CTIA authorization, and also considering the number of homebrewed components found inside Galaxy products, you get quite a recipe for disaster.

But this has been the Korean OEM’s standard practice for many years, and until now, its CTIA-sanctioned labs never missed a battery malfunction ahead of such a big commercial rollout. Thus, it’s too early to conclude Samsung made a mistake not going through a third-party inspection office, like Apple and essentially everyone else in the industry does.

Remember, we still don’t know if the actual batteries were to blame for all the spontaneous combustion episodes.

Source: The Wall Street Journal
Via: Gizmodo

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