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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 accessories rumored to include keyboard cover

By Adrian Diaconescu July 15, 2016, 9:00 am

We still have no idea if it was nostalgia, leftover BlackBerry jealousy from a very different era, or an unusual general sense of cluelessness regarding its target audience’s preferences that prompted Samsung to awkwardly launch a Galaxy Note 5-designed QWERTY keyboard cover last fall.

The weirdness carried on through spring, when the Galaxy S7 received its own official physical keyboard extension, despite public condescension and essentially unanimous hostility. What was even more bizarre is the accessory largely remained the same, with only minor dimension tweaks.

Once again, virtually nobody appreciated the blast from the past, and yet, it seems the Galaxy Note 7 will also allow its productivity-loving buyers to go clickety-click when writing texts. This is far from confirmed at the moment, and should go official no earlier than August 2.

But a relatively trustworthy UK e-tailer named MobileFun has a bunch of credible-sounding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 accessories already up for pre-orders, and they include said QWERTY Keyboard Cover, priced at €59.99, likely to translate to 60 bucks stateside.

The list is extensive, though probably not 100 percent comprehensive, with lens covers, LED flip covers, clear view cases, leather covers and S-View cases on it, but no wireless chargers, battery packs or USB Type-C cables.

Source: MobileFun
Via: SamMobile

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