Learning from past mistakes that led to disappointing Galaxy S6 sales despite the 2015 flagship’s unanimously praised design revolution, Samsung seems to have played all its cards right for the S7 introduction, bringing back water resistance and microSD support.

But this time, the ruler of the smartphone world will probably not rest on its laurels, preparing a similarly outdoorsy sequel to the underwhelming Galaxy Note 5. If Sam Mobile’s tipsters are correct, and they usually are, the GNote 6 is set to pave the way for S Pen-enabled water-protected phablets.

IP68 certification would be an absolute first for the productivity-centric device family, and while external storage expansion isn’t mentioned in the report, there’s definitely hope. Focusing on what we “know”, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 should easily survive immersion up to 1.5 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes.

And then you have iris recognition for enhanced security and futuristic authentication, practically confirmed by the Indian importing of 200 Samsung iris cams for R&D and testing purposes. These components aren’t specifically listed as meant for Note 6 assembly, but the timing clearly fits.

Remember, we previously heard the 5.8-inch or so colossus could ditch regional exclusivity and head for Europe in addition to North America, as the Galaxy S7 Edge+ was likely canceled. The (no longer) conventional S Pen may gain extra functionality and convertibility, with 6GB RAM in charge of future-proofing the Galaxy Note 6 for the high-end multitasking requirements of Android N and beyond.

Sounds positively mouth-drooling, but it remains to be seen if Samsung indeed eyes a precocious launch in July or traditional fall announcement.

Sources: SamMobile, GalaxyClub

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