Bet you weren’t expecting to hear whispers about Samsung’s next-gen non-edgy phablet before the Galaxy S7 is even official. But it’s not like we’re already in possession of live Note 6 pics or anything.

We just suspect the S Pen-enabled big guy will go global in the fall, which appeared a no-brainer after the Note 5 exclusivity debacle, and there’s a slim but real possibility the stylus accessory shall gain extra functionality this year.

No, we’re not talking usage reversibility. We’re dreaming much bigger than that, thanks to the US Patent and Trademark Office, which recently registered an application for a bendy new S Pen. There’s a utility for the flexibility too, as once it’s locked in half-arched position, the writing and drawing utensil becomes something else entirely.

Something you might be able to use to prop up the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, and comfortably watch video content on. A fairly basic stand, that’s right, always one step away from switching back to “classic” S Pen productivity, and leave its housing mechanism altogether or easily slot into an idle stance.

As it’s currently conceived, the stylus/kickstand hybrid should add absolutely no bulk to a compatible device, unlike all those third-party protective covers that can technically offer their prop-up services at relatively low costs, but with important portability tradeoffs.

Let’s hope this sweet concept comes to pass soon enough, ideally by the end of 2016, and it turns out to be as simple and practical as it looks on paper.

Source: Patently Mobile
Via: GSMArena

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