Samsung Galaxy Note 6 predictably rumored for mid-July announcement

We know what you’re thinking. How can a July Note 6 release be predictable when its predecessor saw daylight in mid-August 2015, the Note 4 before it in September 2014, the Note 3 exactly a year earlier, and so on? Wouldn’t it be more logical for the first 6GB RAM-packing GNote to go official in August or even September, possibly in the days leading up to IFA Berlin?

Well, yeah, but the gossip we’re now tackling is almost like a tradition. The Note 5 was once said to debut prematurely in July or even June of last year, the Galaxy Note 4 was itself supposed to shorten the typical 12-month upgrade cycle, not to mention the GS6 and GS7.

Remember when we thought the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge duo was a trio or quartet headed for a CES intro in January? That obviously didn’t happen, and we highly doubt the Galaxy Note 6 announcement will be rushed, given the S7s are reportedly off to a great start at the global box-office.

Then again, the GNote 5 could be considered somewhat of an unusual flop, due to internal competition with the S6 Edge+ and regional exclusivity, so we wouldn’t rule out Samsung wanting the world to forget about it as soon as possible.

Besides, the S7 pair was unveiled roughly a year after the S6, but it went on sale much faster. Bottom line, let’s keep our options open. Which also includes the unlikely running of Android N out the box. Nutella (?) might become available to device manufacturers a little earlier than previously anticipated, since Dev Previews are already available, compared to Marshmallow’s May 2015 initiation.

Source: The Bell Korea
Via: PhoneArena

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