Wild rumor calls for Samsung Galaxy Note 6 ‘Lite’ with Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM

As if there wasn’t enough confusion hovering over the number and form factor of upcoming Galaxy Note 6 variations, with both flat and edge-screen prototypes reportedly in testing, a Weibo tipster now theorizes Samsung could also release a slightly diluted version of the main fall flagship.

It’s unclear if this is merely a wild guess, or if it’s based on factual evidence, but either way, the Galaxy Note 6 “Lite” sounds pretty darn powerful to us. It’s got plenty of current flagship material, in fact, including a Snapdragon 820 processor that everyone from the Galaxy S7 to the HTC 10 uses, 4GB RAM, and a 5.8-inch Full HD display.

Granted, 1,080p screen resolution has stopped being the high-end standard a while back, and in a few months, Qualcomm should amazingly obsolete the SD820 silicon by rolling out an 823 SoC with higher-clocked Kryo 100 CPU cores and a 720 MHz GPU. Meanwhile, it’s no secret the long-rumored general move from 4 to 6GB RAM in Android powerhouses will happen by the end of the year.

Still, how in the name of all that’s holy might Samsung plan to market a perfectly adequate flagship by today’s standards as a watered-down, possibly mid-range phablet in August or September? Also, wasn’t the cancellation of a Galaxy S7 Edge+ supposed to minimize the risks of cannibalization and high-end segment over-flooding, a purpose which this Galaxy Note 6 Lite would threaten to defeat?

Oh, well, let’s not fuss too much about idle speculation. Not yet, at least. Besides, would it be such a bad idea to offer a 4GB RAM/SD820/FHD Note 6 variant, maybe with a smaller-than-4,000 mAh battery and no water resistance, at a comparatively low price? Probably not.

Source: Weibo
Via: SlashGear

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