It feels very fitting for the upcoming sixth generation of Samsung’s hugely popular S Pen-enabled phablet to pack 6GB RAM, even though the Note 5 obviously didn’t offer 5 gigs of the good stuff, and many mobile tech consumers still reckon 4GB is plenty for today’s (and tomorrow’s) portable powerhouses.

Heck, the latest iPhone does just fine with only 2GB random-access memory, so it’s hard not to sense Samsung (and other Android device manufacturers) are taking their spec wars too far in lack of truly innovative new ideas and concepts.

But who’s to say the inevitable rise and mainstream expansion of VR will not push smartphones to their current limits, requiring sharper screens, faster processors and more RAM? Better to be safe than sorry then, with the homebrewed 10nm-based LPDDR4 6GB chip likely to be used on the Galaxy Note 6 showcased at the Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum in Shenzhen, China a few hours ago.

Granted, this incredibly small, frugal and power-efficient DRAM component might still need optimization and testing time before reaching mass production. And no one’s confirmed yet it’s actually prepped for the Note 6. It could instead see daylight inside next year’s Galaxy S8.

We also remember how Samsung very officially and ceremoniously took the wraps off a 20nm 6GB RAM chip last September, only to end up using a “modest” 4GB module on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Bottom line, nothing’s certain until it’s certain.

The same goes for apparent confirmation of iris-recognizing technology in the works, in the form of Samsung Eyeprint and Samsung Iris trademark applications recently filed in Europe. These seem to suggest something, but could amount to nothing, as companies tend to register way more brands than they have specific plans to ever use.

Sources: PhoneArena, SamMobile

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