Samsung’s sluggish Nougat updates continue with Galaxy Note 5 rollout in Turkey

Is Samsung too focused on teasing, marketing and getting the Galaxy S8 ready for primetime safe and sound, not far behind the formidable LG G6? That might explain why so few of its existing phones are able to run contemporary software, with recent security patches baked in.

It would explain the delays and generally poor support, not justify them, as unlocked Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge variants stateside, for instance, are still stuck on a Marshmallow package including outdated security, which is mind-boggling and unforgivable.

Meanwhile, Android 7.0 Nougat has technically started rolling out to the S6 and S6 Edge last week, and now the Galaxy Note 5, although we’re talking small-scale OTA updates here, taking place in a limited number of countries worldwide, for a few lucky users.

Namely, the Note 5’s long overdue 1.3GB or so major UI renovation is reportedly live in Turkey only, possibly as a sort of soak test checking prospective last-minute bugs. If nothing goes wrong during this early rollout stage (big if these days), owners of 2015’s non-explosive S Pen phablet in other regions should expect official invites to the Nougat party in a matter of weeks, tops. Except for those locked to US carriers. Oh, well, it’s a start.

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