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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S 5: spec comparison

By Anton D. Nagy September 3, 2014, 11:32 am

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 already official — as Samsung’s historical second flagship of any given year in the recent past — many of you might be wondering whether to go for the new and hot device, or stick with the flagship. Of course, the answer can be very easy if you care about screen size: if you prefer bigger, the Note 4 should be your option; if you prefer smaller, the S 5 should be just what you need.

What if you don’t care about the display size as much as you do about the internals packed behind the glass? Both of these devices are fast, and future proof enough to last you for the next couple of years. But, if you care about specs and specs alone (that is, on paper, until we get the Note 4 in our labs for a proper review and comparison), we’re helping you out with a side-by-side. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S 5 spec comparison table below should help you answer your question, and choose between the two.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4-vs-Samsung-Galaxy-S-5 copy

Update: Fixed specs

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