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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 3 (Video)

By Michael Fisher October 15, 2014, 11:00 am

Last year’s Galaxy Note 3 scored high marks in our original review and our After The Buzz followup, but it lacked the aspirational spirit of its progenitors. Whereas the first Note was a wildly (and unexpectedly) successful experiment and the second was a bold “consumerization” of that idea, the Note 3 appeared somewhat dull by comparison. Sure, in the moment, we loved it: it packed great specs and it played an important role in breaking Samsung of its hyperglaze addiction – but in retrospect, its flimsy build and fast-aging software seem more than a little underwhelming.

Those are issues Samsung hopes to amend with the Galaxy Note 4. This year’s installment features substantially improved build quality utilizing aluminum and magnesium in place of chrome-plated plastic. It incorporates significant aesthetic upgrades to the software as well, hiding the old vibrant colors and contrasts behind a more-modern glasslike veneer. And it brings heavy improvements to the camera, something of a dim point in last year’s experience.

If you’re a current Note-toter, is all this enough to make you upgrade from your stitched-pleather Note 3 to a flush-seamed Note 4? If you’re shopping for your first Samsung phablet, do the Note 4’s improvements make it worth the added chunk of change compared to last year’s model? And just how much difference do those material changes make when it comes time to put plastic on palm? Those questions and more answered below in our Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 3 comparison! Click on in, then join us on our YouTube Channel page for our Galaxy Note 4 review video and be sure to swing by on Friday October 17 at 2pm Eastern for a special Galaxy Note 4-themed episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast!

Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy Note 3

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