Samsung pushes Marshmallow update to international Galaxy Note 4

It’s hard to single out an Android device manufacturer that’s done a respectable job spreading the Marshmallow love wide and early, aside perhaps from Motorola, but Samsung is now going the extra mile to compensate for its initial tardiness.

One by one, the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Edge+, Note 5 and even S5 were updated to OS version 6.0 in the past few weeks, first in Korea and other “global markets”, then eventually stateside. Oddly enough, Sprint got the Note 4 ball rolling recently, before international variants could get their taste of sweet, silky smooth Marshmallows.

But today we’re hearing rumble of software renovations making their way OTA to the 2014 S Pen phablet in countries as diverse as Poland (of course), India and Turkey. If you’re in possession of an unlocked Galaxy Note 4, it can’t hurt to perform a manual check for a goodie pack tipping the scales at over 1.3GB, no matter where you live or where you purchased your phone from.

We’re clearly looking at a gradual worldwide rollout here, and there’s no way to know exactly what markets are included in the first wave of upgrades. Don’t forget to stay in the vicinity of a strong Wi-Fi router, keep the battery mark as close to 100 percent as possible before beginning the download process, and ensure there’s plenty of free storage space to go around.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Android Marshmallow makes the Galaxy Note 4 an excellent bargain if you can still find it at under $350. If not, just wait. Definitely don’t spend north of $450 on it.

Source: GSMArena

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